Kaleidoscope for Learning can work with you on a number of different areas. Some of these are listed below. If you are interested in something else please get in touch to find out how we can support you.

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ICT Audit

Technology changes rapidly and it can be difficult to keep up with new developments. Kaleidoscope for Learning can provide a full review of ICT provision across your school. We will work with staff to look at the school's vision and stratergy for ICT, curriculum planning, teaching and learning, professional development, data and eSafeguarding. Your school will be provided with a full report covering strengths, areas for development and recommended actions.

Curriculum Planning

The ICT Programmes of Study have been disapplied and the government has published its proposed curriculum for 2014. The ICT curriculum is being replaced with a new Computing Curriculum. The proposed curriculum can be downloaded from here.

Kaleidoscope for Learning can help you review your current schemes of work and prepare for the introduction of the new area of programming. We can work with you on your documentation and provide training to help staff teach computing. We are also able to work alongside staff to support the use of ICT across the curriculum.


Head teachers and governors are responsible for ensuring all pupils and staff are safe and this includes being safe while using educational technologies. eSafeguarding is a huge issue and everyone in the school community needs to be involved.

Support available includes audits of current provision, training for staff, parents, governors and pupils.


Programming forms a significant part of the proposed Computing Curriculum and is the area that causes most concern to teachers. Programming builds on work in control technology and doesn’t have to be complicated. There are many free resources that can be used to teach it. Support available includes training for staff and in class support.

Using Social Media

Many schools are now using blogs and twitter very effectively to support teaching and learning, and to communicate with parents. Social Media can bring huge benefits to schools as long as its use is well planned and the school has considered eSafeguarding issues. Support includes training in using blogs and twitter and planning projects.

Parental Engagement

Research has shown that when parents show an interest in their child’s learning and especially when they have good relationships with their school there is a positive impact on learning outcomes. ICT has a significant role to play in communication and partnership.

Support available includes audits of current provision and advice and training for developing parental engagement further.


Schools are increasingly using digital resources and applications, not just as users of other people’s materials but also as creators of new materials and applications. Everyone needs to know how to avoid infringing copyright. Support for schools has included awareness raising about the issues and training on how to use sounds, images and animations legally.

Apps and Websites

ICT has a significant role to play in communication and developing partnerships. A school's website is often the first experience people have of a school and needs to be welcoming and accessible. There are also national regulations covering what needs to be included. We can provide a review of your current site and work with you on making it more attractive and user friendly. We can also work with you to develop Apps to showcase your school and pupils' acheivements.